Augmentus was born from the personal experiences and painpoints of our co-founders. In their previous line of work, they led teams to develop robotics solutions for multi-national corporations and spent countless hours programming and integrating different robots and equipments to deploy for commercial projects.

This inspired them to build an intuitive, graphical robotics platform that simplifies and unifies the development and operation of industrial robots.

Augmentus Founders

A Simpler Way to Program Robots

Our no-code and fully-integrated robotics platform enables anyone – even those with no robotic experience or programming skills – to develop, deploy and re-purpose robotic systems in minutes for collaborative robots' path planning without the help of skilled robot programmers. We strive to help businesses recoup return on investment faster by drastically lowering the time, cost, and skill barriers in implementing robotic systems.

Our Values

We’re focusing on outcomes

"Augmentus started as an idea to redefine how robots are being used and we have come a long way, pioneering industry-leading AI and robotic technologies, completely eliminating the need for coding, teaching, and CAD files in automation. We are on a mission to democratize robotic automation."

Yong Shin, Co-Founder and CEO

Yong Shin

"I vividly recall spending sleepless nights and coding countless lines of code when teaching robots for even simple applications and longed for a solution. Augmentus is now paving the way for an era of no-code robotics and my team and I are dedicated to continuously evolving our platform and supporting more applications and hardware."

Voon Foo, Co-Founder and CTO

Voon Foo

"Our team is on a fervent mission to lower the time, cost, and skill barrier in robotics in order to make it accessible to everyone - regardless of skill level - across all applications."

Daryl Lim, Co-Founder and COO

Daryl Lim

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