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Augmentus 2022 In Review

Augmentus 2022 In Review

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11 Jan 2022

2022 has been a fantastic year filled with rich milestones. We tackled new projects, strengthened our relationships with our clients and partners and achieved industry-renowned awards. The year has been insightful and we are grateful for all the support that Augmentus has received from our partners and clients. As we expand, we strive to continue making a positive impact through our work and to share the benefits of robotics to more manufacturers.

‍Here’s 2022 in review.


Augmentus Company Growth in 2022

Increased customer base and satisfaction

We doubled down on deployments this year, managing to grow our customer base by 4x across 7 countries. This contributed to an over 3x growth in annual recurring revenue which propelled Augmentus towards the next stage of growth.

2023 will present us with a new set of challenges and goals. One of our goals will be to expand our focus on the US market. Our co-founders Daryl Lim and Voon Foo also headed to the US and represented Augmentus at the Rockwell Automation Fair in Chicago kickstarting our efforts and engagements with manufacturers and integrators across the region.


Augmentus at the Rockwell Automation Fair in Chicago

We were also featured on numerous articles under Robotics & Automation, The Business Times, Forbes and other news outlets which further increased our brand presence. Furthermore, our partnerships with notable companies, such as Rockwell Automation, Infinity Robotics, Abrasive Engineering and Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre, were also milestones documenting Augmentus growth as a company.


Augmentus News Features in 2022

Creating Real Impact for Our Customers

Our proprietary solution has served over 30 customers, creating real value and solving some of the biggest challenges in robotics. Most commonly used for blasting, finishing, spraying, welding, and sanding applications, Augmentus enables non-technical operators with little robot experience the ability to program robots even for the most complex and high-mix of tasks. This reduces the skill gap needed for robot deployment and solves the significant labour shortage issues within manufacturing.

Overall, our solution has successfully decreased robot programming downtime by over 90%, making deployments easier, faster, and generating high returns of investment for our users.

Achieving New Milestones

We are incredibly humbled to be recognized by several prestigious awards in 2022. It serves as a reminder of the potential that scan and plan robotics has in our world today and how we are redefining today’s manufacturing landscape.


Achievements in 2022

We Work Hard and Play Hard

Amidst working hard, let’s not forget to give ourselves a breather. At Augmentus, we believe in team building and see it as an integral part of an organisation's growth. Across the year, we had multiple bonding sessions across a range of activities, including kayaking, art jamming, combat archery, and more.


Augmentus Team Building Activities

What’s Coming Next

2022 has laid a great foundation for Augmentus to continue excelling, growing and achieving success. We have achieved great headway in areas such as customer engagement and brand awareness. Moving forward, we will continue improving our solution taking into account user feedback, customer pain points and their needs. As we capitalise on the increasing excitement globally for no-code robotics, Augmentus will remain committed to continuing this growth momentum and strive towards more achievements and breakthroughs. 

We will continue bringing new innovations and no-code robotics to more companies, geographies and business verticals.

Here’s to an exciting year ahead!