One-stop and Code-free 
Robot Programming

The world’s leading full-stack industrial robot programming platform combines code-free direct path planning 

with industry-leading speed and accuracy. 

"Compared to what we use now, this feels like the future. Augmentus may be the easiest-to-use robot programming platform out there."

- VF, Mechanical Engineer

"I'm impressed. It is faster than anything else by several orders of magnitude and they are starting to add more advanced functions."

- Taufan, Construction Automation Engineer

Hardware Independent


Seamlessly program across different robot brands and equipment easily

Graphical Mixed Reality UI


Intuitive programming that enables 
non-technical workers to implement robots fast and independently without training

End-to-end Integration


We support a wide variety of end-effectors and modules for fast deployment

Develop and deploy robotic systems in
days instead of months

A one-stop code-free programming platform that enables anyone, even those with no robotic experience, to develop robotic systems with high speed and accuracy. Simply draw robot paths through a live video feed on a mobile device and watch your robot move without typing a single line of code.


A programming platform to run all your robots using the same interface

  • Simple and intuitive interface

  • Adjust waypoints in the submillimeter range

  • Works with different robot brands & equipment

  • No CAD or elaborate hardware setups

Never write a line of code again. Augmentus enables any industrial robot to be re-purposed and re-deployed by any operator, even those with no robotic expertise or computer skills.

Confident robot programmers trained in hours instead of years

Applications and use cases


Cost Reduction

Save thousands on operator training and hiring cost


Faster Programming

Operators teach robots within minutes, with no training needed


Faster Deployment

End-to-end integration enables fast deployment across all applications

Leveling the automation playing field

Managing directors, production managers and robot operators love Augmentus

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