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Augmentus' scan to spray robotics is a solution suited for applications such as:

- sandblasting
- thermal spraying
- shot peening
- painting
- coating

and many more.

Existing Challenges in Spraying Automation 

Manufacturers dealing with spraying processes, such as sandblasting, thermal spraying, shot peening, painting, and coating, often encounter several limitations and struggles with conventional robot programming:

  • Complex Geometry

    Spraying applications are frequently utilized on complex and irregular surfaces, making traditional robot programming a challenging and time-consuming task. Writing and refining the code to accommodate the diverse variations in surfaces and shapes demand specialized expertise and significant man-hours. Furthermore, conventional automation encounters difficulties in adapting to changes and faces precision issues, restricting its effectiveness in such scenarios.

  • Difficulty in Handling Variability/Deviations 

    Manufacturing environments often have variations and deviations in part geometry, material properties, and surface conditions. Conventional programming may struggle to handle these variations effectively, leading to inconsistent results.

  • High Mix Automation 

    Companies often look for ways to do High Mix or small run batches, and they require frequent and new configurations and programming. Whenever a change in the spraying process is required, robots need to be taken offline for reprogramming. This can impact production efficiency and increase overall lead times.

  • 5 days 

    Is the average downtime needed for robot programming 

  • >70%  

    Of lifetime cost of using robots is software and programming-related 

Augmentus Advantage

Whether dealing with high-mix or complex surfaces, Augmentus' scan to spray robotics empowers you to seamlessly automate your manufacturing processes, drastically reducing production time from days to mere minutes.

  • 01 3D Scanning for Large & Complex Shapes

    Our advanced 3D scanning technology accurately captures detailed surface geometries, ensuring precise and uniform spraying for intricate designs and oversized components.

  • 02 Automated Robot Spray Path Generation

    The system automatically generates optimal spray paths using sophisticated algorithms, minimizing setup time and reducing human error for consistent, high-quality spray.

  • 03 Part-to-Part Deviation Compensation

    Adjustment of robot movements based on detected deviations ensures uniform treatment and high-quality results, even with slight variations in part dimensions or positioning.

  • 04 Conveyor Tracking

    Integration with conveyor systems allows the robot to synchronize its movements with moving parts, enhancing productivity and throughput in continuous production environments.

  • 05 Synchronous Motion with External Axes

    Synchronized motion with external axes, such as rotating tables or linear tracks, expands the robot’s range and accessibility, enabling thorough spraying of complex geometries.

  • 06 Part Identification

    Using advanced vision systems, the robot can automatically recognize different parts and adjust spraying parameters accordingly. This is particularly beneficial for high mix manufacturing, increasing efficiency and ensuring tailored treatment for each part, enhancing consistency and quality.

Fully Autonomous Workflow

Automate your spraying process using Augmentus' state-of-the-art robotic spraying solution:

  • spraying-scan

    01 Scan

    Scan work piece (up to 0.1mm accuracy) using Augmentus 3D scanners.

  • spraying-automated-path-generation

    02 Plan

    Robot operator selects surfaces / edges that they would like the robot to work on, and key in process parameters. Robot motion can be fine-tuned by adjusting waypoints and parameters.

  • spraying-offline-simulation-environment

    03 Simulate

    Robot motion is simulated with cycle time calculation, along with singularity, reachability and collision checks.

  • spraying-deploy-and-adapt

    04 Deploy

    Robot motion is simulated, and robot script / code is generated specific to robot model, end-effector, sensor and peripherals. Script is transferred seamlessly to robot controller via FTP or USB.

  • spraying-scan

    05 Robot Autonomously Adapt in Production

    With the master program established, the system is equipped to handle subsequent parts with precision, even compensating for any deviations using the Augmentus Vision. The 3D scanner continuously monitors the workpiece during the spraying process and provides feedback to the robot. If any discrepancies are detected, the system instantly adjusts the robot's motions. This ensures consistent quality, reduces the need for manual intervention, and accelerates the entire process.

Myriad of capabilities at your fingertips with Augmentus' scan to spray robotics, elevating your experience and maximizing productivity.   

  • icons-12

    Rapid 3D Scanning

    Wth submillimeter accuracy.

  • icons-1-2

    Advanced Algorithms

    Automatically detect and correct for part-to-part deviations with submillimeter accuracy. 

  • icons-2-2

    Process Parameters

    That is application-specific.

  • icons-3-2

    Autonomous Calibration

    Automatically detect and correct for part-to-part deviations with submillimeter accuracy. 

  • icons-4

    External Axes

    Are supported (i.e. linear, rotary).

  • icons-5

    PLCs and I/Os

    All synchronized for enhanced controls and capabilities.

  • icons-6

    Recipe Table

    For quick tweaking of process parameters.

  • icons-7

    Inspection and QA

    For part measurements and defects.

  • icons-8

    Error Check Tools

    To check and correct programs for reachability, singularity and collision.

  • icons-9

    Spray Visualization

    To showcase robot path coverage.

  • icons-10

    Inbuilt 3D tools

    To ensure seamless usage of mesh.

  • icons-11

    Offline Simulation

    For accurate cycle-time and robot motion checks.

The Results

With Augmentus’ easy-to-use and rapid robot programming system, industrial companies can expect: 

  • 91% Time Savings

  • 65% Output Increase

Augmentus Scan to Spray Robotics

The world’s most advanced, intelligent and adaptive robotic system.

  • solution-spraying-3d-vision-computing-hardware

    3D Vision & Computing Hardware 

    Augmentus vision system 3D scans parts with up to 0.1mm in precision to augment robots with intelligence and adaptability.

  • solution-spraying-ai-powered-scanplan-software

    AI-Powered Scan to Path Software 

    The leading robot offline simulation software that combines machine vision and AI to enable easy and rapid robot motion planning for even the most complex of parts and processes.

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