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Our Journey in 2023: Augmentus Highlights

Our Journey in 2023: Augmentus Highlights

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4 Jan 2024

As we say goodbye to 2023, we look back on a remarkable year that saw ground-breaking occasions, global partnerships, esteemed honors, and a Series A funding round. Together, we will explore the pivotal events that molded our 2023 and anticipate the fascinating advancements that lie ahead.

Showcasing Innovation on Home Grounds: Singapore Highlights


Augmentus 2023 Highlights in Singapore

Gathering at various pivotal events, our team proudly showcased the transformative innovation of Augmentus' revolutionary robotics technology. The ROS-Industrial Annual Summit served as a stage for addressing the challenges faced in traditional robot programming. Here, our diverse team not only demonstrated the cutting-edge solutions that we offer but also engaged in insightful conversations with fellow enthusiasts, fostering an atmosphere of shared learning within the robotics community.

Moving forward, our collaborative efforts took center stage at Industrial Transformation APAC (ITAP) 2023, where our partnership with Linx, a System Integrator underscored our unwavering commitment to delivering solutions that are not only quick but also remarkably user-friendly. The occasion allowed our multifaceted team to interact with industry professionals, showcasing our ability to simplify complexities in robot programming while establishing meaningful connections and expressions of gratitude at our booth during the INCASE exhibition for Surface Treatment and the National Robotics Programme 6 Festival on their 6th Anniversary. These encounters are a testament to our team's dedication to advancing technological frontiers and facilitating valuable partnerships within the ever-evolving landscape of robotics.

Making Waves Overseas


Augmentus 2023 Highlights Overseas

We recently concluded our active participation in FABTECH Expo 2023 held in Chicago, where we collaborated with esteemed partners like Infinity Robotics LLC and Kawasaki Robotics. This event served as a remarkable platform to spotlight the groundbreaking experience facilitated by our strategic alliance. Through a seamless integration of state-of-the-art robotics technologies, we underscored our commitment to reshaping the landscape of manufacturing. The joint efforts showcased at the expo reflected our collective endeavor aimed at propelling the industry forward with innovative solutions.

We also made a significant impact at Hannover Messe in Germany earlier this year. At this prestigious event, the spotlight was on our cutting-edge robotic Scan & Plan solution tailored for industrial automation. We took center stage, demonstrating the inherent simplicity of programming intricate robot paths. This marked a triumphant entry into the European market and further solidified our position as a key player in advancing automation technologies across diverse regions. The showcase not only highlighted our technological innovation but also emphasized our commitment to delivering efficient and user-friendly solutions for industrial automation on a global scale.

Awards and Recognition


Augmentus Achievements in 2023

As we reflect on our journey, winning the Silver Award for Most Promising Innovation at the TechBlazer Awards 2023 stands as a pivotal moment in our collective narrative. As nominees, we felt a unique blend of excitement and nervous anticipation, standing shoulder to shoulder with fellow contenders who, like us, sought recognition for their contributions to the realm of robotics and automation. It's not just an honor; it signifies the collaborative spirit of our team. Looking forward, this recognition propels our vision for a future where automation seamlessly integrates into daily life, reshaping industries globally. With this award in hand, we step into the next phase of innovation, driven by a shared passion for transforming the automation landscape.

At the Petronas FutureTech 3.0 Demo Day, we were excited to present our innovative Scan & Plan robotics solution, demonstrating our dedication to driving positive change within the operations of Petronas, a global leader in the oil & gas sector. This event provided us with a valuable platform to engage with industry experts, corporate partners, and potential investors, solidifying our position as a key player in the field of industrial automation. Through these interactions, we emphasized our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and enhancing operational efficiencies for our esteemed clients.

Additionally, we are pleased to share that we have become Tier 3 members of the Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC). This membership further underscores our dedication to advancing the frontiers of automation. We showcased our revolutionary no-code robotics solution, highlighting our collective commitment to collaboration and innovation within the industry. By joining ARTC, we look forward to actively contributing to the evolution of automation technologies and fostering meaningful advancements in our dynamic field.

Series A Funding: Fueling the Future


‍On November 14, 2023, we announced the successful completion of a USD 5M Series A funding round, led by Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm Sierra Ventures and existing seed investor Cocoon Capital. The funding positions us to disrupt the highly fragmented and costly industrial robotics software market, with its no-code, vision-based robotics system poised to revolutionize the industry.

Looking Ahead to 2024

As we embark on the journey into 2024, exciting developments are on the horizon:

Team Expansion and Entry into the US Market

In an effort to further highlight its dedication to hiring and developing talent, we plan to quadruple our workforce size to about 35 people. It is anticipated that our plan to enter the US market will expand its influence and global reach.

Global Scaling and Augmentus Experience Centres

With a focus on important markets in the US, Europe, and larger Asia, we want to expand our operations internationally. By mid-2024, 10 Augmentus Experience Centers will be established in 5 countries, giving consumers a chance to see the solution in action.

Vision-Based System Development

We will focus on further developing our vision-based system to service a wider range of applications and use cases while maintaining user-friendliness for non-technical users. Intensified R&D efforts will facilitate broader integration across diverse industries and verticals.


2023 has been a year of remarkable achievements, partnerships, and recognition for Augmentus. As we step into 2024, the company is poised for even greater accomplishments, promising to shape the future of automation with its innovative and user-friendly robotics solutions. The journey continues, and Augmentus remains at the forefront of transforming industries through the power of intelligent automation.