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Automation Robotics with Offline Programming Capabilities

Automation Robotics with Offline Programming Capabilities

Industry insights

1 Apr 2024

In the dynamic realm of industrial automation, how we program and control robots plays a pivotal role in optimizing efficiency and productivity. One approach that has gained significant traction is offline robotic programming. This innovative method has emerged as a preferred choice for various industries, offering distinct advantages over its counterpart, online robotic programming

In this article and throughout our website, you can learn about the significant value-add that Augmentus' offline no-code robotics solution can add to your shop floor.  

Understanding Offline Robotic Programming 

Offline robotic programming involves creating and refining robot programs in a virtual environment, detached from the actual production line. Programmers utilize specialized software and simulation tools to design, simulate, and optimize robot movements and tasks before deploying the program to the physical robot. 

Why Is The Industry Leaning Towards Offline Robotic Programming? 

1. Minimized Downtime: 

One of the standout advantages of offline robotic programming is its ability to minimize downtime. Since the programming occurs independently of the robot's real-time operation, changes and optimizations can be implemented without disrupting the ongoing production processes. This results in increased overall efficiency and reduced production losses. 

2. Risk Mitigation: 

Offline programming allows for meticulous simulation of robot movements in a virtual environment. Users can identify and rectify potential errors, collisions, or inefficiencies before the program is executed on the physical robot. This proactive approach significantly mitigates the risk of damage to the robot or its surroundings. 

3. Parallel Development: 

Offline programming facilitates parallel development, enabling different teams to work concurrently on programming and simulation tasks. This parallelization streamlines the overall development process and accelerates the implementation of new robotic applications. 

4. Enhanced Precision: 

By fine-tuning robot movements in a controlled virtual setting, programmers can achieve a higher level of precision. This accuracy is particularly crucial in industries with intricate tasks or applications that demand strict adherence to specifications. 

5. Flexibility in Complex Tasks: 

Industries dealing with complex tasks or delicate operations benefit significantly from offline programming. The ability to visualize, test, and modify robot movements in a simulated environment provides a level of flexibility and adaptability that is often challenging to achieve with real-time programming alone. 

Improving Operations Using Automated Robotics Software with Offline Programming Capabilities 

Augmentus’ offline scan-and-plan technology allows you to reap the benefits that you get from offline programming. Our software pioneers intelligent, no-code computer vision and robot motion planning, enabling industrial robot programming in minutes instead of days.

Our proprietary technology serves as the eyes and the brains of any industrial robot. Augmentus’ 3D cameras capture the relevant spatial information and this data is fed into its AI model. The platform then recommends an optimal path for the robot to move along to perform its task, accounting for complex surfaces. This eliminates the need for technical expertise and lengthy downtime when reprogramming robotic tools. Augmentus enables manufacturers to reduce process automation time from an average of four weeks to just 15 minutes while significantly improving accuracy and efficiency, reducing costs by over 70%. 

Offline Scan and Plan Technology for Welding, Sand Blasting, and Sanding 

Be it welding, sandblasting, sanding, peening, or thermal spraying jobs, our software is able to save time and maximize your return on investment.  

Augmentus Robotics Software Can Have a Positive ROI in One Year 

Thanks in part to the benefits of offline programming, our system can generate a positive ROI in under a year. By improving the speed, quality, and repeatability of planning and performing sanding, welding, thermal spraying, and more, our robotics solutions can dramatically improve your operations. Streamlining your processes, not only expedites your workflow but also ensures a gratifying payoff from your endeavors.

This ROI comes not only from throughput that can become up to 5x faster but also from a reduction in your need for highly skilled labor. The no-code nature of our system allows your team to scan, plan, and deploy robot systems in minutes without manual programming required. Instead of attempting to hire robotic programmers to grow your business, you can rely on the efficiency of Augmentus software and hardware to scale your team's capabilities quickly. 

Request a Quote for Offline Robotics from Augmentus 

Whether you have newer equipment you want to automate and be able to program offline or older equipment that requires retrofitting, Augmentus can help. Our robotics can work with both state-of-the-art machines and aging hardware. We can retrofit older equipment and estimate installation time taking no more than 2 days. Once that is complete, you will be able to begin scanning and planning robots offline quicker than ever before. To discuss your needs and learn more about what Augmentus offline programming automation software can do for your operation, reach out to us today to schedule a conversation