Pioneer in Intelligent and Adaptive Robotics


Robotics Developer, SG

  • What we do

    Join the revolution at Augmentus—a global AI-robotics company that’s pushing the boundaries of robotic automation. With our cutting-edge technologies, we’re blazing a trail in intelligent 3D scanning and AI-powered robot motion planning. Imagine unleashing your creativity without any coding constraints—our platform empowers non-technical operators to program robots in just minutes instead of months. From rapid digitization of robot cells to the seamless generation of complex robot motion, our proprietary solutions redefine automation efficiency and brings intelligence to robotics.

    At Augmentus, we’re not just reimagining robotics, we’re transforming the human-machine interface itself. Join us and be part of the force democratizing robotic automation, shaping a future where people work with robots, not like robots.

  • Benefits

    • Hybrid working arrangement (1 day WFH per week)
    • Professional development: External upskilling courseworks in soft and hard skills
    • Provision of Employee Stock Options
    • In-house facilities (wide selection of food, drinks and entertainment) as well as close proximity to sports facilities
    • Flexi-benefit of $300 per year for travel and equipment
    • Company culture:
      – Open and low hierarchy for better learning opportunities as well as direct interaction with founders
      – Frequent outing activities for team bonding
      – Quarterly 1-on-1 dialogues with founders for anonymous feedback
    • Coverage on health insurance
    • Competitive leave structure (18 annual, 1 birthday, 6 childcare, 10 paternity)
    • Performance bonus
    • Direct access to wide range of advanced robotic systems and equipment
  • About your role

    • Collaborate with senior robotic developers, product managers and software developers to architect, develop, and implement software solutions that power advanced robotic systems for industrial automation.
    • Participate in the coding, testing, and maintenance of robotic software components, control algorithms, and user interfaces.
    • Support the integration and communication between software modules, robotic hardware, sensors, and actuators.
    • Assist in the implementation of path planning, motion control, and kinematic algorithms for industrial robots.
    • Troubleshoot and debug software issues, proposing and implementing effective solutions to ensure robust performance of robotic systems.
    • Learn and utilize programming languages and tools commonly used in robotic software development, such as Python, C++, or ROS.
    • Collaborate with the team to brainstorm ideas, contribute to architectural discussions, and provide insights for software optimization.
    • Stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in industrial robotics software technology and bring fresh ideas to projects.
  • Requirements

    • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Robotics, Software Engineering, or a related field.
    • Good understanding of robotic principles, kinematics, and control systems.
    • Proficiency in programming languages used in robotic software development, such as Python, C++, or ROS.
    • Strong problem-solving skills and an ability to work collaboratively in a team environment.
    • Interest in automation, robotics, and software development for industrial applications.
    • Good communication skills to effectively share ideas and collaborate with team members.
    • Attention to detail and a commitment to producing high-quality software solutions.
  • Nice to Have

    • Familiarity with robotic hardware components, sensors, and actuators.
    • Previous experience with software development projects or internships.
    • Knowledge of software design patterns and best practices.
    • Familiarity with Unity software.