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Augmentus lowers the time, cost and skill barriers for manufacturers to output fast and high-quality welds

Automated Welding

Welding today leverages heavily on robotic automation to improve productivity and produce consistent high-quality weld every time. This results in fewer do-overs and defects and better throughput. With no-code robot programming, welding automation processes become simpler and more cost-efficient, whether utilising the platform to automate spot welding robots or others. Our low-cost robotic welding programming software is designed to reduce your need for skilled labor, lower the amount of programming time new jobs require, and significantly improve the precision and uniformity for your welding work.

The Problem

Welding is a meticulous and manual process, and this often causes variation in quality and defects. Although industrial automation can largely solve these issues, the deployment of robots usually incurs a significant amount of costs due to the complexity of teaching which can only be done by professionally trained robot engineers. Furthermore, re-purposing for different sizes and materials when the part of the process changes also requires extensive reprogramming. This greatly undermines the capabilities and potential robots can bring to the high-mix welding industry.

The Solution

Instead of writing countless lines of code to generate robot paths, the Augmentus platform enables the user to plot waypoints, or select from a library of pre-designed robot path templates that snap onto the component to be weld while our software algorithms ensure adherence to constant speed and offset, and check for singularity, reachability and collision avoidance. This drastically reduces robot deployment time from weeks to minutes. Augmentus paves the way for a high ROI in a high-mix production environment, such as one found in industrial welding processes. With low-cost robotic welding programming software from Augmentus, you can save money, manufacturing time, and labor challenges.

The Results

With Augmentus' easy-to-use and rapid robot programming graphical interface, industrial welding companies can expect:




Time Savings




Output increase

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The Less Manual Your Robotic Welding is, the More Uniform Jobs Become

One reality of manual welding is that non-uniformity is a guarantee, and this can also apply to some manually programmed robotic welding. Even the most skilled welder is going to be limited in how precisely that can perform repeat work. With no-code welding robotics from Augmentus, you can automate some of your most challenging and time-intensive welding processes. While we helped to quantify some benefits of our low-cost robotic welding programming software above, there are other less tangible benefits worth noting. One example is how no-code welding automation can reduce the level of experience your welders need and the challenges of staying staffed up. Our low-cost robotic welding programming software is designed to dramatically increase your team’s output and speed, while also reducing your need for hard-to-find highly skilled labor in the process.

Utilize Pre-Set Welding Paths or Easily Plot Waypoints Without Writing Code

The no-code style of our robotic software means that you can take on new projects with minimal effort. Your days of needing an extended timeframe to program a welding path for a new welding job will be gone with the help of Augmentus.

We offer an easy-to-navigate graphical user interface that simplifies the planning phase. This will allow your team to save time and limit the risk of error by automating welds rather than trying to program them manually. Doing so can substantially improve the quality of your welding. Plus, the efficiency improvements can open your team’s capacity up, allowing you to take on even more welding work. To learn more about Augmentus low-cost robotic welding programming software solutions, contact us to begin a conversation and obtain a quote.

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