Easy Programming for Robotic Sandblasting

Augmentus enables rapid and easy-to-use robot sandblasting processes for greater ROI in a high-mix production environment

Automated Sandblasting

Robots for sandblasting or media blasting are one of the earliest applications in industrial robotics. The process relies heavily on jogging and digital instructions from computer-aided design (CAD). With Augmentus’ no-code and fully integrated robotics platform, programming complex sandblasting paths & setting them up for automation can be accomplished in under 10 minutes, without the need for CAD files and technical expertise. Our no-code technology can be quickly integrated into your equipment and will allow for seamless programming to complete robotic sandblasting jobs.

No-Code Peening Automation

Integrating no-code robotics into your metallic peening can drastically reduce manufacturing complexity and costs. If your business handles precise peening work for industries such as aerospace, automotive, or construction, Augmentus can help you automate substantial portions of your peening processes. Our robotic automation software takes minutes instead of days to program thanks to its no-code style. Opting to work with Augmentus to automate your metallic peening operation can reduce manufacturing time and employee training requirements. Our solutions will also help to eliminate the likelihood of imperfections in the peened substrate thanks to their precision.

The Problem

Robot programming and teaching in industrial sandblasting and peening applications today require massive amounts of code and CAD files for programming of robot waypoints and paths. This results in the need for companies to hire highly trained robot engineers who can spend days programming robot spraying paths for just a single component. This complexity restricts the flexibility of re-programming when the component or process changes which significantly contributes to the development costs of standard hard-coded robotic automation.

Furthermore, if companies do not have CAD files of components, they have to generate the CAD model of the component themselves and this can be a tremendously timely and costly process.

The Solution

Augmentus’ graphical tablet-based interface enables sandblasting and shot peening automation so that non-technical users can accurately plan robot paths and trajectories with the touch of a pencil. Our no-code robotics software also allows users to seamlessly select from pre-designed path templates to program industrial robots. Either method will also involve Augmentus software algorithms automatically generating robot paths and checking for singularity, reachability, and collision avoidance. This automation removes the need for highly skilled programmers to access every possible sandblasting or peening scenario when planning a production run. If you are looking for easy programming for robotic sandblasting and peening, Augmentus has the solution.

Unlike conventional robot programming, Augmentus does not require CAD files for precise robot path planning. Our technology platform enables users to generate an interactive simulation environment. They can do so by either scanning the work cell using their desired sensor or by importing existing CAD files. Calibration between the robot and the virtual environment is then completed in under 30 seconds through our one-click calibration process. This enables robot teaching and deployment to be completed in minutes instead of days. Augmentus paves the way for high ROI in a high-mix production environment, such as one found in industrial spraying processes.

The Results

With Augmentus' easy-to-use and rapid robot programming graphical interface, industrial welding companies can expect:




Time Savings




Output increase

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Types of Sandblasting Augmentus Software Can Control

Automated Abrasive Blasting

Make abrasive blasting more efficient, precise, and simple with Augmentus automation. Our goal is to help customers simplify their abrasive blasting work to improve quality, reduce turnaround time, and limit the need for highly skilled labor.

No-Code Media Blasting Software

Historically, media blasting work was both an art and a science. With no-code media blasting solutions from Augmentus, you can limit the need for manual effort involved in your jobs. Our AI-powered solutions help you achieve uniform media blasting on parts made of various materials.

Grit Blasting

If you are seeking to achieve uniformity in your grit blasting work, let our no-code automation software do the hard work for you. With automated grit blasting, you can prepare parts for welding with minimal manual effort.

No-Code Blasting Automation

Pre-treat parts with no-code blasting that can be automated with Augementus robotics solutions. Our software allows for no-code programming of blasting work. Our automation solutions take minimal time to get up and running and will quickly reduce the need for highly skilled technicians to oversee your processes.

Other No-Code Augmentus Robotic Software Use Cases


Automate high quality welding outputs within weeks and resolve workforce shortages of skilled welders with no-code welding automation from Augmentus.

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Easily generate force-compliant path along complex surfaces for material removal with automated sanding robotic software.

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