Pioneer in Intelligent and Adaptive Robotics


Engineering Intern, SG

  • What we do

    Join the revolution at Augmentus—a global AI-robotics company that’s pushing the boundaries of robotic automation. With our cutting-edge technologies, we’re blazing a trail in intelligent 3D scanning and AI-powered robot motion planning. Imagine unleashing your creativity without any coding constraints—our platform empowers non-technical operators to program robots in just minutes instead of months. From rapid digitization of robot cells to the seamless generation of complex robot motion, our proprietary solutions redefine automation efficiency and brings intelligence to robotics.

    At Augmentus, we’re not just reimagining robotics, we’re transforming the human-machine interface itself. Join us and be part of the force democratizing robotic automation, shaping a future where people work with robots, not like robots.

  • About your role

    • Collaborate senior application engineers and robotics experts in implementing robotic software solutions for various industrial applications.
    • Assist in configuring robotic systems to meet specific client needs, ensuring optimal performance and functionality for demonstration and at site.
    • Support in the integration of robotic hardware, sensors, and software components to create comprehensive industrial automation solutions.
    • Assist in troubleshooting technical issues and providing timely solutions to ensure smooth operation of robotic systems.
    • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to gather requirements, provide technical insights, and ensure successful project execution.
    • Develop expertise in the company’s proprietary robotic systems and technologies.
  • Requirements

    • Exceptional and effective verbal and communication skills
    • Strong research and copywriting capabilities
    • Ability to work independently and take on responsibilities in a lean team
    • Willingness to be hands on
  • Nice to Have

    • Familiarity with robotic hardware components and sensors.
    • Previous experience with robotic programming or automation projects.
    • Understanding of control systems and sensors used in industrial automation.
    • Knowledge of CAD software for basic mechanical design tasks.
    • Passion for technology, robotics, and innovation.