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Easy and rapid 3D scanning, robot path planning and control, enabling no-code robotics motion programming in minutes instead of weeks.
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Automate complex robotic processes in 4 simple steps

Truly No-code Robotics, Instant ROI

Digital Twin Creation

Rapid 3D Scanning

Use pre-integrated 3D scanners from the Augmentus hardware package or any scanner of your choice to generate a digital twin of the work cell in seconds with high accuracy and fidelity.

Users can also scan the work cell using their desired sensor or import CAD files.


Instantaneously localise your robot within 3D environments accurately.

Augmentus automatically identifies and accurately calibrates your robot simulation environment in seconds.

All the tools you need for optimised path planning —without the learning curve

Up to



Reduction in engineering cost

Up to



Faster robot programming time

Up to



Increase in production output


Graphical programming with logics and IO

Incorporation of logics and digital I/Os for robot motion planning have never been easier. With Augmentus, you can incorporate loops for repetition of waypoints and if statement for decision making.

Script Generation

With Augmentus, you no longer need to think about complex and different robot programming languages. Our software automatically generates the right and safe code for all robots at your production line.

Industry leading performance on a tablet

The integration of technologies allows our robot engine to run on a thin and light tablet instead of a conventional tower PC. This maximizes flexibility and portability while giving you precise control of your robots right at your fingertips.

Extensive support with the top robot brands and hardware

A platform that supports a wide variety of robot brands, sensors, equipment and end-effectors, enabling you to integrate and automate seamlessly.

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