Senior QA Developer, Automated Testing Specialist


What we do

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About your role

  • Design, maintain, and scale automated test frameworks and unit tests for Unity3D applications, ensuring comprehensive coverage and reliability.
  • Integrate automated and unit testing within the GitHub CI/CD pipeline to ensure tests are executed as part of the development lifecycle.
  • Utilize Unity-specific testing tools, including the Unity Test Framework, to develop and execute automated and unit tests.
  • Manage bug tracking and test case management using Jira, with Zephyr to streamline test planning and execution within the Unity development workflow.
  • Develop detailed automated and unit test plans and test cases, and maintain them for Unity3D projects.
  • Optimize automated and unit testing strategies and tools to meet the unique needs of Unity3D development.
  • Analyze test results, document systematically, and collaborate with the development team for issue resolution.
  • Stay informed on the latest Unity3D releases, automated testing technologies, and best practices to continuously improve the testing process.



  • A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related field.
  • 2 years of proven experience in QA automation and unit testing, with a focus on game development or interactive software testing within the Unity3D platform.
  • Solid experience with Unity Test Framework for creating automated and unit tests.
  • Expertise in GitHub for implementing CI/CD practices, especially within Unity3D development environments.
  • Skilled in using Jira for issue tracking, with proficiency in Zephyr for managing test cycles.
  • Strong communication abilities and a detail-oriented mindset as a collaborative team member.