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What we do

Augmentus is an AI robotics software company that offers a full-stack and code free robotic automation platform. You will dive deep into cutting edge tech such as AI, Robotics, AR/VR, and IoT while working closely with our industry partners who are some of the largest robotic manufacturers and automation service providers.

About your role

  • Develop AI framework that is flexible and integrate with robotic systems

  • Participate in the whole development cycle including design, development, and deployment

  • Implement a framework that enables the user to generate AI models which are smoothly integrated with various brands of robotic arms and end-effectors

  • Ensure seamless integration of the AI framework onto mobile devices

  • Collaborate with other team members, subject-matter-experts, process-owners, and other stake-holders


  • Strong foundation in Machine Vision and AI framework, for example, TensorFlow and OpenCV

  • Able to develop AI systems for image classification and object detection

  • Familiar with 2D/3D camera setup and communication protocols

  • Firm understanding of various types of neural networks and optimization strategies

  • Fond of agile software development and tools (Scrum, Jira)

  • Experienced in MVC architecture, design patterns and management

  • Able to set up and maintain a CI/CD process for Python applications

  • Able to use Git and are familiar with Git Flow

  • Strong hacker spirit who tinkers with emerging technologies

  • Based full-time in Singapore 


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