Pioneer in Intelligent and Adaptive Robotics


Office Manager, US

  • What we do

    Join the revolution at Augmentus—a global AI-robotics company that’s pushing the boundaries of robotic automation. With our cutting-edge technologies, we’re blazing a trail in intelligent 3D scanning and AI-powered robot motion planning. Imagine unleashing your creativity without any coding constraints—our platform empowers non-technical operators to program robots in just minutes instead of months. From rapid digitization of robot cells to the seamless generation of complex robot motion, our proprietary solutions redefine automation efficiency and brings intelligence to robotics.

    At Augmentus, we’re not just reimagining robotics, we’re transforming the human-machine interface itself. Join us and be part of the force democratizing robotic automation, shaping a future where people work with robots, not like robots.

  • About your role

    • Track, monitor and analyze company assets.
    • Develop and execute processes around asset management, operations and HR.
    • Communicating with upper management to develop and execute strategic operation processes.
    • Track, monitor, and manage stakeholders for different agencies, vendors and payments.
    • Identify manpower requirements, taking them to the operations manager for approval.
    • Creating appropriate job descriptions for required manpower, advertising them to get best candidates and handling the employment process.
    • Conducting training sessions for current and new employees to ensure company policies and guidelines are being enforced.
  • Requirements

    • Diploma or Bachelor’s degree in any relevant courses.
    • Strong excel and data-driven skills.
    • Excellent communicator with exceptional attention to detail.
    • Possess a positive and approachable personality.
    • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced and dynamic startup environment.
    • Applicants should currently reside in the United States.